Kosher Customer Service

This weekend I drove up to New England to visit one of my closest girl friends. During our travels we ventured into a Shaw’s to scout the wine department. We were on the hunt for a bottle of wine that was Kosher for Passover. Being from New York City I didn’t expect this to be a difficult search, but there is not a large Jewish population in the rural area my friend lives in; during a prior attempt at a local wine shop we were met a half glance at the shelf labeled “Kosher” and some “hmmmm’s.”

As we wandered around the aisles in Shaw’s looking for a label to signify Kosher options, Bill, a customer service rep who proved to know his department through and through, stepped up to find out what it was we were looking for.

“Kosher for Passover wine; I dont see the Kosher section,” my friend explained.

“That is because we do not have one. There are Kosher for Passover options from each country – Spain, Australia, the U.S.; what type of wine are you looking for,” he responded with a smile.

Our slight hesitance was all he needed for a clue. Within seconds he had two different bottles in hand, explaining why he chose that price point – how they were a great quality for anytime, not just passover – and why one was better than the other.

Alongside Bill was a consumer who also knew his stuff and offered a supporting opinion in favor of Bill’s decision.

My friend selected the type of wine she prefers, Bill reiterated its stand-out characteristics and why she would enjoy it either at that night’s Seder or any other night during Passover.

We walked away with a smile.

As we approached the checkout I paused. “We just got sold,” I said. “Bill read like a children’s book and made the decision for us… without asking us.

“What a sales genius!”

Customer service comes in all forms, but the service that ends in a sure sale at the checkout is the service a retailer wants in his store. And speaking for my friend and I, service that makes a decision for us, is what we want in a store.

It was the perfect match!

Happy Passover to those who celebrate.

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