LaCroix Sparkling Water Partners with Ito En to Blanket Distribution in NYC

LaCroixLogoPMSHiResLaCroix Sparkling Water, a leading domestic sparkling water brand, has partnered with ITO EN, (North America) Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of premium tea products, including the award-winning line of bottled teas – TEAS’ TEA, to extend LaCroix’s distribution to consumers in New York City. From boutiques to corner bodegas, sparkling LaCroix is now available to trend-setting New Yorkers seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Through ITO EN and its 3,000 accounts, LaCroix Sparkling Water introduced five of its nine flavors in a 12-ounce slim can. This expansion of the brand’s single-serve package furthers the LaCroix image from the original take-home flagship “soda” style can and is ideally suited for New Yorkers. “The slim can is more fitting for the in-the-know, artificial-free crowd and perfect for the streets of fashionably iconic New York City,” adds Vanessa Walker, senior director strategic brand management for LaCroix. “We are thrilled to be sold through distinctive ITO EN and find the partnership to be a great match for our targeted demographics.”

lacroixITO EN, an innovator in the beverage industry, that pioneered the first ready-to-drink green tea, Oi Ocha, is committed to expanding products that embody their five principles: Natural, Healthy, Safe, Delicious and Well-designed, says Jim Hoagland, executive vice president of ITO EN. “LaCroix Sparkling Water fits perfectly with the growing consumer demand for healthier beverage alternatives,” he adds.

LaCroix is domestically produced and manufactured locally in 12 plants throughout the U.S. resulting in a lower carbon footprint. LaCroix is also sold in cans which are 100% recyclable and perpetually sustainable.

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