Stemilt Launches The Stem

TheStem_ScreenShotStemilt Growers has launched a new blog, The Stem. Visitors can find fresh recipes, tips, information and farming knowledge about Stemilt fruits, including apples, pears, cherries and summer fruits. The name of the new blog is a play on the company’s name and heritage as well as one of the defining characteristics of all of its fruits.

“After months of behind-the-scenes development, it’s exciting to share our new blog – The Stem – with the world. The idea behind The Stem is to share our passion and knowledge for the fruits we grow with those that want to know more about them. The content will migrate through the seasons so that it’s as fresh as the Stemilt fruits people are eating at that time,” says Brianna Shales, Stemilt communications manager and main author on The Stem.

The Stem has three different authors that will cover a variety of topics. Shales will post about fruit from all aspects, including tips, health and nutrition information, and how she utilizes fruit in her life as a busy new mom. Tate Mathison, Stemilt sales leader and 5th generation farmer, will share his passion and expertise for farming with readers. He’ll give them a first-hand look at what is happening in the orchard during each part of the season, including the upcoming cherry season. Mathison’s grandfather, Tom, founded Stemilt in 1964 and his family continues to own and operate the company today. Finally, Lorie Hopcus, a self-taught cook that is responsible for many of Stemilt’s fruit recipes found on its website, will share her original fruit recipes and other ideas for readers to mimic at home. Hopcus is also the author of A Savory Nest, a food blog that she launched to capture and chronicle her favorite recipes.

To begin, The Stem will have a new post each week, rotating authors and topics in order to share information for a wide audience. People can subscribe to The Stem by filling out a simple form to receive once-a-week email updates. In the future, guest bloggers will appear on The Stem and editorial will be shaped around what readers are seeking.

“We want The Stem to be a place where fruit enthusiasts come together to learn or see something new and then share it with others. It’s another way that we can build a community and continue with our goal of building demand for fresh fruits – and all fresh produce – in the future,” says Shales.

The Stem
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