MART CART Achieves UL Certification

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety consulting and certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, has recently issued Assembled Products Corp., the first and only UL Certification in the world for Electric-Battery-Powered carts for commercial use.

“We are excited that on April 25th of this year, two new MART CART models received UL’s Authorization to Apply the UL Mark. Subject 3456 is UL’s Standard for Electric Battery Powered Commercial Carts. MART CART is the first and only manufacturer to receive this notice of completion and authorization to apply the UL mark. We have worked with UL diligently to this end and we believe these two MART CART models have reached a new apex of design. An Initial Production Inspection, is to be scheduled soon. Once completed Assembled Products Corp., can begin shipping the product,” says Steve Scroggins, senior vice president, sales.

This project has been five years in development. According to Steve Conrad, MART CART’s manufacturing engineer, “We had a customer request a UL Certified cart but UL did not have a standard in place and had to develop one.” Conrad has been working with UL subject 3456 and has been instrumental in obtaining the UL Certification.

MART CART’s new UL listed models are certified as a whole cart not just individual components. Stringent testing focused on the cart’s design regarding numerous features. The field tests included an exhaustive number of stability, capability, maneuverability and power dynamics tests earning MART CART the deserved UL listing.

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