Rebranding and Limited Edition Pie Flavor from JJ’s Bakery

JTM Foods, has officially launched a rebranding campaign for its JJ’s brand.  The campaign begins with a name change from JJ’s to JJ’s Bakery based on consumer testing.  A new logo design with revised packaging for their pie product line is also included.

JJ's Bakery Cinnamon-Apple“JJ’s has long been a trusted source for high-quality products, and now it’s even better. We’re still selling under the well-known JJ”s name, but we’ve added the word “bakery” to help convey the fresh ingredients that go into every JJ’s Bakery pie or sweet treat, “ said Byard Ebling, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

Along with the rebranding, JJ’s Bakery is offering a special, limited time flavor based upon their classic Apple Pie.  The All American Cinnamon Apple Pie features orchard grown apples diced at the peak of ripeness, then blended with cinnamon spice.

“This new pie is wrapped in special edition packaging highlighting the American spirit and giving homage to the country where JJ’s Bakery pies are made, which is right here in the USA,” said Ebling.


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