Study Shows Consumers are Willing to Pay a Premium for Branded Meat

 Are consumers more loyal to some branded meat products than others? How much of a premium are they willing to pay for their preferred brands?  In a webinar on May 14, Midan Marketing and Shugoll Research will present the findings of the second installment of the Power of Brands study, a research study that looks at how consumers purchase branded meat products.

The 2013 Power of Brands study, conducted jointly by Midan Marketing and Shugoll Research, is a continuation of the 2008 Power of Brands study, the first of its kind to assess the role that brand plays when consumers select and purchase meat.

The Power of Brands webinar will highlight opportunities for national, private label, natural/organic and local brands,” says Michael Uetz, Principal at Midan Marketing. “This webinar will be valuable to representatives from both branded meat companies and retailers with responsibility for brands and marketing.”

The one-hour webinar will cover:

  • Drivers for Purchase: Consumers have changed the way they purchase meat. Attendees will learn how taste, quality and price affect branded purchases by protein.
  • Meat Brands and Store Selection: One-third of shoppers say they choose a grocery store because of the brands of fresh beef, pork and chicken it carries.  Attendees will find out how store brands factor into consumer preferences for proteins.
  • Brand Loyalty: Despite the economy, a surprising number of consumers say they would still pay a premium for branded meat products.

Attendees can learn about the percentage of their customer base willing to pay more, and exactly how much more. “Our goal for this follow-up research was to identify any major shifts in brand preference that developed as the economy moved through the recession and into recovery,” says Merrill Shugoll, President of Shugoll Research.

The Power of Brands research was conducted with 600 primary grocery shoppers in four geographically-diverse metro markets: Chicago, Denver, Dallas and Philadelphia. Each market included a wide array of beef, pork and chicken brands. 

Webinar details
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
2pm CST
To register: Click here

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