Too much of a good thing?

Retailers across all channels are competing for consumer dollars. As the lines continue to blur, one of the biggest points of differentiation is customer service. Yet can grocers offer too much customer service?

Case in point, I had just finished up a shopping trip at Wegmans with my wife and two kids. Now for those that read this space often, you know how highly I think of Wegmans. However, on this occasion I was a bit put off, though I’m still not sure it was justified.

It was raining and we had just arrived at our car and began to unload our cart. Almost immediately one of the “cart corralers” approached. He was very polite and insisted we take our time filling the trunk, and even offered to help me unload as my wife put our two young kids in the car.

I declined his offer and finished loading the car, albeit a little quicker than I wanted to.

I understand the kid was only trying to do his job as best as possible, but there is still something to be said for providing shoppers (even when they are finished shopping)  space.


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