Justin’s Introduces Portion-Controlled Nut Butter Line with 80 Calorie Squeeze Packs

Justins-10Pack-0.5-Caddy-MAB-1 copyIn response to increasing consumer demand for portion controlled nut butters, Justin’s has announced the launch of a new line of all-natural 80 Calorie Squeeze Packs. Available in five flavors, Maple Almond, Classic Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut, Honey Peanut and Classic Peanut, Justin’s Squeeze Packs come in boxes of six and are currently available in stores.

“Consumer feedback is key, and since our customers were crying for squeeze packs less than one hundred calories, we decided it was time to deliver,” says Justin Gold, founder and CEO of Justin’s. “Creating a six-pack of portable, protein-rich packs offers not only value, but a convenient, portion-controlled snack.”

Justins-CHHBThese healthy, 80-calorie packs are the ultimate convenience food to put in a purse, pocket or lunchbox, or squeeze on a piece of fruit. With 2-3 grams of protein per pack, they provide a quick boost of energy to fuel a long run or get consumers through an afternoon. Not to mention the entire line is vegan (besides honey peanut variety), gluten-free and contains 0g trans fat. Craving chocolate? The 80-calorie pack of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is an indulgent, yet guilt-free treat with only three grams of suar. This line is now available to major grocers nationwide such as Whole Foods and Safeway in 3-ounce boxes for $2.99 (peanut butters) and $4.99 (almond/hazelnut butters).

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