Ready Pac and Clear Lam Honored with Sustainability Award

ReadyPac&ClearLam_Roman Forowycz, Clear Lam, Tammy Gainey, Ready Pac, John Stoll, Walmart

(l-r) Roman Forowycz, Clear Lam; Tammy Gainey, Ready Pac Foods; and John Stoll, Walmart

In recognition of Ready Pac’s progressive efforts to actively reduce their carbon footprint with sustainable initiatives throughout their business, Walmart presented Ready
Pac Foods with the Excellence in Sustainability award on May 8, 2013. Chet Rutledge, director of private brand packaging at Walmart, honored Ready Pac during this year’s 8th Annual Walmart and Sam’s Club Sustainable Packaging Exposition held in Bentonville, Ark.

The award recognized both Ready Pac and its packaging supplier, Clear Lam, for packaging innovations developed for the Peel and Reseal Tray used for their mixed greens clamshell containers. The trays are a consumer and environmentally friendly development which sets a new standard for salad packaging, say company officials at Ready Pac; it is easy to open and keeps lettuce fresh while using 1/3 less plastic – allowing for an extra layer on each pallet during transport.

“The Peel-Reseal project is a great example of the collaborative work with Ready Pac and their packaging supplier, Clear Lam,” says Rutledge. “Not only does this packaging system use less material, it is more efficient throughout the supply chain. This is a project that I will use as a model for future projects.”

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