New blu eCigs Starter Pack Appeals to Consumers’ Desire for Performance and Portability

Starter_Packblu eCigs, the electronic cigarette brand known for style and quality, has introduced its on-the-go rechargeable Starter Pack, an affordable and convenient option for e-cigarette users. Available in retail locations now, the new blu eCigs Starter Pack offers a lower price point for e-cigarette consumers, providing a unique option between disposable singles and premium rechargeable packs. The blu eCigs Starter Pack features the convenience of car and laptop charging options, a battery management system to ensure long-lasting usage, and a portable design that is as tall as a pack of cigarettes and as slim as a smartphone.

The new Starter Pack from blu eCigs features:

  • On-the-go recharging, flexible USB and car plug charging options for active lifestyles.
  • Two rechargeable batteries and a Smart Proprietary Battery Management System that delivers maximum battery performance for extended use.
  • Ultra-portable design that fits comfortably in a person’s hand, pocket or purse, but with enough interior space to hold one extra battery and three flavor cartridges.
  • A five-pack of replaceable flavor cartridges, with choice of tobacco, menthol, or a variety pack.

Once the blu eCigs Starter Pack is fully charged, it can recharge the included batteries two to three times before needing to be plugged back in – ideal for e-cigarette users on-the-move for work, summer and holiday travel, or personal day trips.

blu eCigs New Starter Pack“We are committed to giving smokers alternatives that fit their lifestyles and continue to deliver products that meet the demands of the growing blu community,” says Jim Raporte, president of blu eCigs. “The new Starter Pack is a continuation of this commitment, offering the quality elements we are known for, on-the-go recharging, battery performance,  and flavor options, with the added convenience of a slimmer profile for easier carrying.”

Already lauded by its customer base of adult smokers, blu eCigs Premium and Premium 100 rechargeable packs are similar in size to a standard pack of cigarettes.  For e-cigarette users on-the-go, the new blu eCigs Starter Pack offers a much smaller profile at a lower cost. Based on long-term use, all of blu eCigs’ rechargeable packs provide significant savings compared to purchasing traditional cigarette products, company officials say.

Since its inception in 2009, blu eCigs has consistently helped lead the charge to introduce e-cigarettes as a new smoking alternative to the U.S. market. In April 2012, blu eCigs was acquired by Lorillard solidifying blu eCigs as a market trailblazer and further advancing the tremendous growth opportunity in the e-cigarette industry, officials say.

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