Organics Unlimited is “Growing” Awareness

2013 GROW PosterSeptember is GROW Month for Organics Unlimited. Retailers carrying GROW label bananas by Organics Unlimited are supporting the non-profit brand by increasing consumer awareness to the cause: giving resources and opportunities to workers. With a new sampling program ready to launch and new point-of-purchase materials available for free download, Organics Unlimited is excited to begin GROW Month.

“We want to give consumers the message that when they purchase GROW bananas they are contributing to a better life for those whom would have difficulty otherwise,” says Mayra Velazquez de Leon, president of Organics Unlimited. “Every GROW banana customers purchase helps provide scholarships, housing, clothing, and compensation to workers and their families.”

It will be the first time Organics Unlimited will have a sampling program available for any retailer in the U.S. who would like to be involved. Demonstrators will be fully immersed in the GROW brand and can answer questions customers may have regarding the non-profit. “GROW Month is a time to let your customers know that they are helping change the world with each purchase of GROW bananas,” says Velazquez de Leon. “We believe our new sampling program will spark more interest in organic bananas and social responsibility among consumers.”

Included in the new POP materials is an updated poster to inspire consumers to “Buy a banana. Change a life.” Along with the new header card, customers of Organics Unlimited may order banana bags made from recycled paper that feature a recipe. All retailers and merchandisers who support GROW may contact Organics Unlimited for login information to the online POP store for free print downloads.

With full emphasis on raising awareness to the consumer, now is the ideal time for retailers to begin planning for GROW Month. Funds are currently helping fund a clean water project and education programs in Ecuador as well as education and health programs in Mexico.

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