Wegmans Adds Position to Tackle Sustainable Seafood Issues

Wegmans Food Markets has created a new position – Vice President of Seafood Sustainability. Carl Salamone, formerly VP of Seafood Merchandising with 47 years of service, has moved into this role. Dave Wagner, a 25-year Wegmans veteran has been promoted to VP of Seafood Merchandising.

When asked about his plans, Salamone responded, “I’ve spent a good portion of my career working with fishermen from all over the world. I’ve celebrated their successes and witnessed their challenges. I’m excited to now work with the industry to help identify ways to protect and defend our oceans, rivers and lakes. I’m hopeful that even small steps forward will help create greater job security for the fishermen and food security for the world.”

For the past six years, Wegmans’ Sustainability Manager, Jason Wadsworth, has coordinated the company’s efforts focusing on carbon footprint, packaging, recycling and sustainable sourcing.  Because seafood sustainability is such an important topic, Wegmans has been actively working to understand it for many years, company officials say. Wadsworth sees this newly-added position as an opportunity for Salamone to focus exclusively on that area.

“I’m so fortunate to work for a company that recognizes its responsibility to its employees and customers and to the environment we all share,” says Salamone. “I’m really excited to use my 40 years of experience in seafood to do something I believe is necessary for the continuation of farmed and wild fish resources.”

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