SeabuckWonders to Exhibit at 2013 Natural Products Expo East

all-webSeabuckWonders, a leading source of sea buckthorn products for almost 20 years, will discuss the benefits of plant-based omegas at this year’s Natural Products Expo East show in Baltimore at booth #5129.

SeabuckWonders offers a complete line of supplements, oils and beauty products made from the sea buckthorn berry, a complete plant source that offers omega fatty acid, including a beneficial amount of Omega 7. The berry is also an antioxidant powerhouse with nearly all known vitamins and minerals, company officials say.

For years consumers have heard about the health benefits derived from Omega 3 found in fish oil, but there are many reasons why plant-based omegas are gaining popularity. Sea buckthorn is good for one’s health and good for the environment. SeabuckWonders has compiled a list of their top five reasons why “this little berry is a big winner”:

  1. A plant-based omega like sea buckthorn can be completely certified organic and grown in a quality-controlled environment.
  2. Sea buckthorn’s omega 3:6 ratio is near 1:1, which research indicates is considered ideal for human health.
  3. It is a fruit oil with no negative side effects.
  4. Sea buckthorn offers more nutrients and health benefits than any other omega source.
  5. Marine omega sources are non-sustainable and rapidly declining. Conversely, sea buckthorn is a sustainable plant that helps fight soil erosion.

Sea buckthorn is also 100% natural, certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and eco-friendly, officials say.

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