PMA: Fresh Fruit Cuts Sliced Peaches and Nectarines Make the Finals

Nectarine_3oz_Bag-MOCKAfter 7 years of R&D and just a few short months in market, Woot Froot sliced peaches and nectarines have been named a finalist for the PMA Impact Award.

Kim Gaarde, president of Fresh Fruit Cuts and the brains behind the R&D for sliced peaches and nectarines says, “It has been a whirlwind of a year transitioning from R&D to becoming a commercial processor and seeing our products in market for the first time.”

Research continues to indicate that consumers respond positively to convenience driven items including fresh cut fruits and vegetables. And snack items including carrots and apples continue to grow in popularity, making sliced peaches and nectarines a positive addition to the fresh-cut snacking category.

Upon solving the challenges associated with processing and packaging fresh-cut stonefruit, Fresh Fruit Cuts turned to Full Tilt Marketing to develop a brand and marketing plan for the newly minted products.

Full Tilt Marketing readily accepted the challenge and worked to capture the passion and excitement that went into the development of this product and this product should be aptly named “Woot Froot” and then set about creating messaging that set the tone for delicious fun.

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