Make Room for Pecan


An old pumpkin-picking photo to celebrate the season because I believe blogs should always have a photo – and I have been totally slacking on my kitchen photography.

A few weeks ago, Molly Zimnoch celebrated the return of the pumpkin. Pumpkin coffee and other warm beverages have been spotted on the streets of cities everywhere. But what excites me most of all are the yummy baked goods.

Until last year, my opinion on pumpkin was neutral. I would always take a piece of mom’s Pumpkin Pie, and a larger piece of Pumpkin Cheesecake, but in all honesty, I could eat it or leave it. That was until I discovered a Super-Moist and Amazing Pumpkin Cupcake recipe that changed my life – literally. The little bundles of tummy-satisfying cake were so moist and delicious that I recreated them many times after their initial debut and worked them into the season’s repertoire – and by season I am referring to the months between Sept 1 and, oh, let’s say April-ish.

However, this year is also about another new ingredient that I have not baked with before.


Anything more than one bite of Pecan Pie is WAY to much for my almost non-existent sweet tooth, but many around me love it so I decided I needed to find a way to get it into dishes that I could stomach.

Welcome Pecan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pie. I attempted this for a dinner party with two of my guy friends – one who loves Pecan Pie and one who is a connoisseur of all things oatmeal. It was a hit.

Following that I attempted Pecan Pie cookies to bring to a party for my friend above who loves Pecan Pie. They were meant to be thumbprint-style cookies, but I got distracted making the dough and the consistency was off so they ended up resembling vanilla cookies with Pecan drizzle. Nonetheless, no one at the party knew of my error and they very well received.

With a couple of success-ishes behind me, for my next adventure I would like to cement of my flirtation with Pecans into my practice by marrying it to the Super-Moist and Amazing Pumpkin Cupcakes – and of course, do it better than the shops.

I am very much open to idea and recipe suggestions, but keep in mind the following rules/points:

  1. Just adding Pecans to the top or inside of a cupcake does not constitute marrying the two flavors.
  2. I will not use any pumpkin cupcake recipe other than the one for Super-Moist and Amazing Pumpkin Cupcakes that I totally hijacked from a blog, so I am thinking along the lines of a Pecan Pie icing.
  3. I am not afraid of making a filling and coring cupcakes, but remember that are Super-Moist so anything too runny could be overwhelming.
  4. I do not want oatmeal in these. Oatmeal in muffins/cupcakes does nothing for me. (Sorry healthy oatmeal muffin lovers!)

In the meantime, I spent a hefty amount of time last night scouring the internet for Fall-themed cupcake liners and new decorating tips. I DID stop by a couple grocery stores in search of fun festive colors, but once again, supplies were scarce.

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