The Pink Ribbon is Back

Sunlight International has announced that October 6 will marks the kick-off of the Pink Ribbon Produce “Take the Fresh Plate Challenge.”

Sunlight, Harris Teeter and Pink Ribbon Produce are on a mission to educate and encourage healthy eating as a way to help fight breast cancer. The “Take the Fresh Plate Challenge” encourages consumers to fill half their plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal. The American Cancer Society recommends eating at least 2 ½ cups of fruits and vegetables each day to help lower the risk of cancer.

Educating is only part, the other is fundraising to allow the National Breast Cancer Foundation to continue their much needed research. Purchasing delicious Sunlight grapes from Harris Teeter supports this incredible cause.

“We are very proud to support Harris Teeter with their October promotion on Breast Cancer Awareness,” says Nick Dulcich, Owner. “As a family company, we know cancer can affect everyone in some way, as it has also taken our dear mother Antoinette Dulcich. The opportunity to align with such a great message of prevention while promoting healthy eating is a win-win for all.”

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