Acosta Mosaic Group Introduces Shopper Solutions North America

Acosta Mosaic Group (AMG)– the marketing division of Acosta Sales and Marketing  – announced the launch of Shopper Solutions,  A North American Purchase Design agency for retailers. The newly formed agency is a combination of AMG’s retailer-facing marketing services in the U.S. and Canada, and is designed to deliver a streamlined offering to clients across North America.

Shopper Solutions will be the single point of contact at AMG for North American retailers looking to engage their shoppers in the community, online and in-store through captivating shopper experiences. “The retail landscape is incredibly promising, but more complex than ever before. The vision for Shopper Solutions is to help retailers create purchase influence through integrated customer experiences across their ecosystems,” says Anne Howe, Senior Vice President, Shopper Solutions.

The agency’s point of difference is its key offering, Purchase Design, which connects customer experience, and behavior change to sales growth. Shopper Solutions applies its proprietary methodology, Deconstruction, to distill clients’ business challenges through immersion in consumer, customer and retailer behaviors at the channel, category and brand levels. The agency’s experts observe in- and out-of-store behaviors to show clients what the shopper truly sees and does, and to simplify complex issues into actionable insights and strategies.

“I am very excited about this growth strategy and the increased strength Shopper Solutions will bring to the broader AMG team, as well as the subsequent value we will be able to offer clients across North America,” says Chad Grenier, Executive Vice President, North America Retail Marketing Services, AMG. “This is a win-win for Acosta Sales & Marketing, AMG and all of our respective clients, whether brands or retailers.”

The U.S. Shopper Solutions team will be led by Anne Howe, Senior Vice President, and a 20-year veteran of the retail/shopper marketing industry. The Canadian operation will continue to be led by Steve Noble, Vice President and former Retail Executive. Both teams will operate under the AMG services umbrella, and will report to Chad Grenier Executive Vice President, North America Retail Marketing Services, AMG.

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