NestFresh Earns Non-GMO Status for Frozen, Liquid and Dried Egg Ingredients

67009_nestfreshNestFresh, a division of Hidden Villa Ranch, is the first egg brand to offer Non-GMO Project Verified frozen, liquid and dried egg ingredients to retailers and manufacturers, company officials say. The company is currently the only provider of non-GMO frozen, liquid and dried egg products nationwide, officials add.

Whole Foods Market uses NestFresh non-GMO egg ingredients to produce several products used throughout its stores, Hidden Villa Ranch officials say.

“Whole Foods Market has really been the driver in working with us to make these non-GMO egg products more widely available,” says Michael Sencer, executive vice president of Hidden Villa Ranch. “It’s a reflection of their commitment to becoming the first national grocery chain with total GMO transparency.”

In an effort to be 100% non-GMO compliant, gourmet bakery and specialty condiment companies can purchase non-GMO egg ingredients from NestFresh for all-natural cookies, cakes, brownies or prepared sauces. Bulk packaging for foodservice and manufacturing customers includes bag-in-box, pails, totes, tankers and cartons of various sizes. Custom blends using additional non-GMO products are available including sugared, salted and other functional ingredients.

“We are seeing this as a new trend in non-GMO transparency and demand,” says Sencer. “We anticipate more companies to follow suit as the mass public continues to insist that GMOs have to go.”

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