New Wonderful Halos Mandarins Arrive In Stores Nationwide

PARAMOUNT CITRUS HALOS MANDARINSThe makers of Wonderful Pistachios and POM Wonderful have announced the arrival of their new mandarin brand, Wonderful Halos, now available in produce aisles nationwide. In season November through April, the palm-sized fruits are perfectly sized for kids of all ages for their easy peel exterior and seedless interior.

“We’ve seen the popularity of California mandarins explode among families over the last few years,” says Marc Seguin, vice president of global marketing, Wonderful Halos. “Halos are super sweet, non-GMO and the perfect snack for parents and their little angels.”

To support the launch, Wonderful Halos is slated to spend $100 million over the next five years as part of an integrated campaign to market the “pure goodness” and unique taste of the sweet, seedless and easy to peel fruit, company officials say. The campaign includes national network and cable television spots with more than 2,000 airings of three different commercials starting Nov. 25. The commercials capture kids’ humorous reactions when they discover their parents are attempting to take their coveted Halos.

Wonderful Halos are available in 3- and 5-pound bags and 5-pound boxes in produce aisles of grocery, mass and club stores nationwide.

“The Wonderful brands team excels at taking commodity products, like pistachios and mandarins, and transforming them into household names that people recognize and trust,” Seguin adds.  “When families choose Wonderful Halos, they know they’re going to get a premium product that was cared for by us from tree to table.”

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  1. Carter Martin says:

    These are fantastic!!

  2. Howard says:

    Where can I get them in south jersey

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