Sustainable Seas Introduces 100% Pole Caught Yellowfin Tuna, and New Packaging

SS-3-webSustainable Seas, a value-priced brand of sustainably-sourced tuna from Wild Planet Foods, is expanding its lineup with the launch of canned Yellowfin Tuna.

100% sustainably pole caught, Sustainable Seas Yellowfin Tuna has a rich but mild flavor, a delicate texture, and is exceptionally moist, company officials sat. It is simply tuna, packed in water without added hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy or pyrophosphates. Purity of ingredients is a hallmark of Sustainable Seas, and the nutritional value can also swim laps around the competition, they add. Each can of Sustainable Seas Yellowfin contains an average of 181mg of Omega 3, including 133mg DHA/29mg EPA. Available in both salted and no salt added varieties, this tuna is non GMO and no BPA is used in the can lining. The packaging proudly touts no FADs, no long lines; and is turtle and dolphin safe.

“Yellowfin tuna is the second most abundant tuna on earth,” says Wild Planet Foods’ Founder Bill Carvalho. “While most of it is caught by purse seine fishing practices which result in high by-catch discard, our Yellowfin is 100% pole caught.”

Wild Planet Foods has also given Sustainable Seas, its brand of value-priced tuna packed in water, a new look and feel. A circle logo formed by two waves represents the brand’s commitment to the earth and our environment and bold, natural colors showcase each product offering.

Sustainable Seas’ tuna is sourced with the health of the marine eco-system as a priority: The tuna stock biomass must be healthy and not overfished; the habitat must not be damaged by the fishing method; the catch method must be free of excessive by-catch of non-target species. The brand is the second largest dollar growth contributor in both the natural grocery and natural foods categories, second only to its parent brand Wild Planet.

Available in both salted and no salt added varieties, the new Sustainable Seas products feature a non-GMO message on the lid label and the assurance that no BPA is used in the can linings. Sustainable Seas Albacore and Solid Light Tuna are sold in conventional supermarkets and natural food markets nationwide, and carry an SRP of $2.99 – $3.49 for the albacore and $2.49 – $2.99. Sustainable Seas Yellowfin will join the brand at conventional supermarkets across the country for an SRP of $2.99 – $3.49.

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