Chelan Fresh develops digital ‘toolkit’ for registered dietitians

image001Reaching out to thousands of registered dietitians, or RDs, across the country, Chelan Fresh has developed and released a free digital “toolkit” that provides regularly updated nutritional information on the company’s fresh apples, cherries and pears.

According to marketing coordinator Kathryn Grandy, the toolkit concept resulted from a tour Chelan Fresh conducted for RDs in July 2013, followed by the company’s sponsorship of a Produce for Better Health session for the nutrition experts at PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans.

“More frequently, RDs are gaining influence in buying decisions for both retail produce managers and for consumers,” Grandy says. “Our RD toolkit, which is all-digital and print-friendly, is a very fun and Pinterest-like, with sections for each commodity. Apples, cherries and pears are each analyzed for their nutritional benefits by health professionals.”

She adds, “We cite current studies and provide tips and tricks for each fruit, giving ideas on how to use them, how to clean them and how to prepare them in a recipe section.”

The fruit is followed “from farm to plate,” she says, and Chelan Fresh has worked with the USDA and its “My Plate” in developing the toolkit.

“We’re also closely aligned with Produce for Better Health,” she adds.

Graphically, the toolkit has a clean, uncluttered and friendly feel to it, and while developed for professionals, the kit includes programs aimed at youngsters as well, company officials say. Nutritional tips are written for the dietitians and foodservices pros; activities have been designed with kids in mind.

“The kids’ programs are meant to engage parents, too,” Grandy adds.

“In January we will have a section on weight management,” Grandy continues. Additionally, RD Sharon Palmer, author of the “Plant-Based Diet,” will reference the Chelan Fresh Toolkit in her January newsletter.

“We will be updating our sections by season,” Grandy adds. “And we will include testimonials and feedback from the dietitians who use the toolkit.”

Additional information on the toolkit is available on Chelan Fresh’s web site, RDs can also register at

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