Not Nuts About Nutella

IMG_5103 People go nuts over Nutella. Personally, I could take it or leave it, but everyone else I know seems to think it’s the greatest thing to ever be spread on sliced bread. Fudge is more my speed; it’s salty and sweet and my sister Kate and I used to make it together when we were younger. With that being said, when I found a recipe for Chocolate Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge I thought it would be the best of both worlds.

The recipe, which I found on, is extremely simple. All you need is butter (salted and unsalted), sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, bittersweet chocolate chips, sea salt and, of course, Nutella. Thankfully, condensed milk is far easier to find than buttermilk around the holidays (anyone who makes Irish soda bread knows the importance of buttermilk in the recipe and the difficulty of finding it mid-March).

IMG_5108The recipe calls for a double-boiler and, while the instructions tell you how to make one out of a bowl and a pan, I cannot tell you how excited I was that my parents had the real thing – I felt very professional. You stir all of the ingredients together in the bowl (or the double-boiler, if you’re fancy like me) and stir until they melt together and the mixture is smooth. You then pour it into an 8- by 8-inch baking pan, sprinkled it with salt, and let chill for two hours.

My parents are big believers in sea salt, so I knew they would have some at the house. Unfortunately it was Hiwa Kai Black Artisan Sea Salt from Sur la Table, which did not show up that well on the dark fudge. On the plus side, since you couldn’t see the salt, it was a nice surprise when you popped a piece into your mouth. The Nutella made for a creamy consistency, so if that’s what you look for in fudge, this is an excellent recipe.

Personally, I like my fudge to be a bit more firm. I’ll probably go back to using the Betty Crocker microwavable fudge recipe that my sister and I used all those years ago.

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