Wahl Clipper Announces Program to Support ‘Hair-Raising’ Phenomenon

Wahl is rewarding those who use their head…for good.  The company announces Cuts for a Cause, a new program to support the growing number of organizations and individuals engaged in charitable head-shaving and facial hair growing. The goal of the program is to help provide the essential tools and outreach for what has become a $600-million movement and one of the fastest growing fundraising activities over the past 10 years.

Wahl has a long history of supporting events and charitable organizations involved in grooming for good. Since the company was founded in 1919, Wahl has donated thousands of clippers and facial hair trimmers to those willing to put their head on the line for the good of a cause. Through its Cuts for a Cause program, Wahl now makes this commitment official.

“It’s an exciting time to launch the Wahl Cuts for a Cause program because in the last decade alone the popularity of head-shaving and facial hair growing events has increased significantly,” said Steve Yde, director of marketing for Wahl Clipper. “These events demonstrate just how far people will go to raise money, which draws attention to worthwhile causes and brings communities together.”

Grooming tools in the right hands can be a powerful thing, as organizations such as St. Baldrick’s Foundation knows well. As the largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants, St. Baldrick’s has made a name for itself focusing exclusively on head-shaving as a source of fundraising. Since 2005, the foundation has inspired some 300,000 shavees to join the cause, helping St. Baldrick’s to award more than $127 million to support lifesaving research. Wahl supports St. Baldrick’s through product donations and event partnership and will continue to do so through its Cuts for a Cause program.

In addition to head shaving, Wahl’s Cuts for a Cause program supports charitable facial hair growing. Over the past 10 years, millions of men around the globe have grown facial hair for the cause, helping organizations such as No-Shave November and Movember raise more than $500 million for men’s health.

Aside from a go-to resource for charitable organizations in need of grooming tools, Wahl’s Cuts for a Cause program serves to partner with organizations actively conducting hair and facial hair humanitarian efforts–especially those willing to raise the bar on their hair-raising efforts.

One such partnership took place this fall when Wahl joined forces with St. Baldrick’s Foundation to challenge two pro-football players and division rivals, New York’s Mark Herzlich and Washington’s Pierre Garcon, to compete in a winner-cuts-all head-shaving campaign titled Wahl Head to Head Challenge. The effort culminated with a live head-shaving event on the Fox & Friends Morning Show in which Herzlich shaved Garcon’s head. The effort raised thousands of dollars for the cause and significant awareness for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and their fight against childhood cancer.

“Shaving your head or growing a mustache or beard to support the cause–all are highly visible displays of support,” said Yde. “When someone puts their head on the line, you can’t help but feel inspired to join the cause and get behind them. That’s why this style of fundraising has become so popular and why Cuts for a Cause exists.”

For information about Wahl’s Cuts for a Cause effort, visit cutsforacause.org. Individuals and organizations looking for support for their charitable head-shaving or facial hair growing event can visit cutsforacause.org and submit a request. To keep up on Wahl Cuts for a Cause activities, follow Wahl on Facebook and Twitter.

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