Wholly Wholesome Receives Unique Kosher Certification

pie-shell-wheat copyWholly Wholesome, makers of all natural and organic baked goods, secured Yoshon certification on their Traditional, Wheat and Spelt Organic Pie Shells. This certification allows Wholly Wholesome Pie Shells to appeal to a broader group of consumers with their products. The move to Yoshon certification further aids the brand in its quest to appeal to consumer niches with a quality product—meeting family needs across a wide variety of dietary needs. Today, Wholly Wholesome also offers a growing number of products in the gluten-free, all natural, kosher and allergy specific categories.

What is the importance of being Yoshon certified? For situations, such as a party, where a consumers wants to accommodate all their guests, there is no difference in taste between Yoshon and non-Yoshon products, Wholly officials say. But more importantly, the kosher food industry is beginning to recognize that Yoshon observance is a new, growing trend among kosher consumers, industry observers say. Products marked with Yoshon certification contain only Yoshon grains, including wheat, oats, spelt, rye and barley and meet the requirements of being marked as kosher. According to KosherConsumer.org, winter wheat is planted in the fall, laying dormant over the winter and then harvested during the summer. In the U.S., rye and spelt are always Yoshon. Consumers that are Yoshon-only are becoming prominent in the New York and New Jersey areas, as well as other communities in the U.S. and internationally, observers add.

“We are always looking to expand our focus on improving options for consumers with specific dietary needs” says Doon Wintz, president of Wholly Wholesome. “The number of kosher consumers is increasing in many parts of the United States, which is what inspired us to pursue this certification. We’ve been focusing on this niche category and are proud to be able to enhance our product line with a product that consumers, both kosher and non-kosher, will enjoy.”

Wholly Wholesome 9” Organic Pie Shells come in packs of two in Traditional, Wheat and Spelt varieties, with baking instructions included right on the package.

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