Bake’n Joy is Baking Up ButterRich and Whole Grain Cookies

BNJ New Cookies 1_14Bake’n Joy is introducing two new flavors of Preportioned Cookie Dough: 1.6-oz. ButterRich Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie and 1.5-oz. 100% Whole Grain Cranberry Chocolate Granola Cookie.

“As with all our trans fat-free cookie doughs, we use fresh, creamy butter and the best ingredients to ensure consistent high quality, great taste and dependable results,” says Tara O’Donovan, marketing manager, Bake’n Joy Foods. “Our cookie doughs are formulated for home-made taste and appeal.”

The ButterRich line are trans fat free, made with all butter and contain a generous amount of particulates. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie is described as a decadently rich chocolate cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and just the right balance of natural mint flavor.

Cranberry Chocolate Granola Cookie is an oatmeal-based cookie with cranberries, dates, dark chocolate, honey, molasses and sunflower kernels that’s sure to please and packs a nutritious punch with 10g of whole grains per cookie (half a serving of whole grains).

Our cookie dough pieces are neatly deposited on paper, not lumped together, for easy usage with no waste from clumped cookies. Preportioned cookies go directly from freezer to oven to customers in minutes with no waste, no cleanup and very few stales (operators control quantities for each flavor).

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  1. Lauri Shorter says:

    Hi. I’m wondering if you service the North Andover High School? In particular, I am looking for the pre-cut frozen cookies. North Andover High serves jumbo chocolate chip and m&m cookies. They are precut and frozen and the high school bakes them. Are they your brand? If so, can I purchase a case from you (I live in North Andover) and what is the price? Thanks!

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