Chobani Joins in on Big Game Advertising

Chobani will be part of the big game with its inaugural Super Bowl ad, airing in the third quarter. The :60 ad (“Ransacked”) takes a humorous look at what happens when Mother Nature, represented by a discerning bear that comes out of hibernation and is unleashed in a local supermarket.

While bears are known to eat everything, this bear – much to his chagrin – discovers that real, natural food choices are hard to find these days – particularly in the yogurt aisle, explain company officials.

Here is what the company has to say about the spot:

  • Chobani’s first-ever Super Bowl advertisement will unveil the brand’s new platform “How Matters” that realizes the company’s mantra and founding principles – how it only makes nutritious, delicious foods with only natural ingredients accessible to everyone. By celebrating how Chobani makes a cup of yogurt and appealing to consumers regularly faced with artificial, unpronounceable ingredients, the platform invites people to discover why Chobani is the best Greek Yogurt choice.
  • Chobani, with distance, is the #1 Greek Yogurt brand in the U.S. despite being historically outspent in marketing. Only about one-third (37%) of Americans are familiar with the brand. The brand’s debut of the “How Matters” platform during the Super Bowl provides a highly visible and impactful way to more broadly introduce Chobani to many Americans not yet familiar with its authentic, strained Greek Yogurts made from only natural ingredients while being entertaining to its loyal fan base as well.

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