Endangered Species Chocolate Introduces Natural, Dairy-free Filled Bar Line

Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) has added a dairy- and gluten-free filled bar line to its natural bar line-up. The new line features six fillings:  almond butter crème, sea salt esc_lovebirdand lime crème, coconut crème, blueberry vanilla crème, raspberry orange crème and lavender mint crème all surrounded by 72 percent dark chocolate.

As with all ESC dark chocolate products, the bars feature ethically traded, sustainably-grown chocolate and are NonGMO Verified and gluten-free and vegan certified. The bars also include an educational inner wrapper info-graphic that details each species’ conservation status and promotes wildlife non-profits that work to protect each animal.

“When we set out to develop this innovative new product line we knew that there would be challenges along the way,” says Whitney Bembenick, Research & Development Manager for Endangered Species Chocolate. “From formulation to the first full production run we faced each of those challenges without compromising our high standards for making a quality, premium product.  The result is a set of bars that are truly in a class of their own.”

The new filling will feature certified sustainable single-source, organic palm oil that is supply-chain certified by Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and EcoSocial IBD.

“Being an eco-conscious company we wanted to be on the forefront of using sustainable palm oil in our filling for these products,” says Bembenick.  “By utilizing it as the dairy-free crème base in our filled bars we’re able to develop new and innovative vegan-friendly flavors such as our sea salt and lime crème bar.  These flavors are commonly used in many types of cuisine, but pairing them together with the richness of our dark chocolate and smooth crème results in a bright, fresh experience for the pallet.  This flavor profile would not have been achieved without the use of sustainable palm oil”

For more information or to place an order of the new bars visit www.chocolatebar.com.


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