Park City Group Delivers Sales Increase in Bakery

Park City Group, a leader in consumer goods software-as-a service supply chain technology designed to increase sales and reduce out-of-stocks, announced through analysis of big data and corrective actions, a retail client’s sales trends in the commercial bakery category increased by 7% in an otherwise stagnant market.

“Getting results from analysis of big data is what we have been doing with our clients for years.  Enabling change, re-orienting actions and tracking progress toward achieving goals provide incredible results such as sales increases near double digit figures,” says Randall Fields, chairman & CEO of Park City Group. “In addition, the big data analysis we execute uncovers and corrects issues with high product returns, reducing waste by an average of 35%.”

Park City Group provides big data analysis as part of an end-to-end suite of scan-based solutions that also includes store-item level replenishment.

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