‘Tis Time for Fit & Fresh Resolutions

This week Ready Pac announced its Fit & Fresh Challenge. As outlined here on the Grocery Headquarters website, Ready Pac created the New Year’s challenge to “help maintain healthy resolutions and inspire new ways to stay healthy and happy throughout the year.”

Sounds motivating right? Everyone needs a little something to keep them on track with their health goals during the cold winter days. The best part about this challenge is its a Pinterest challenge (yay!).

GHQ Blogger Kimberley Coughlin and I decided to take the challenge. We are always excited for a reason to play on Pinterest. (Go Team GHQ!!)

The list of items #ReadyPac requires to be included on the board is:

  1. You favorite Ready Pac Bistro Bowl Salad
  2. A Fun Workout
  3. A Low Calorie Treat
  4. Your Favorite Place to Take a Walk
  5. A Fresh Haircut for the New Year
  6. You Favorite Ready Pac Recipe
  7. A Motivational Quote
  8. A Cute Outfit to Workout In
  9. Your Favorite Ready Pac Post-Workout Recovery Snack
  10. A Fresh Beauty Trend for the New Year

I have just started so forgive my lack of pins, but here is my board. Let’s go through it.

Eating, outdoors activities and quotes are three of my favorite things in life, so naturally I pinned those first.

My low-cal treat? Delicious looking banana muffins I found on Pinterest that I have also added to my personal “must-make” board.

Favorite place to walk? Lake District, England. I love all of the Lake District but picked a photo of Keswick because it was where I first went hiking in England. This region of the UK is one of my favorite places to exist, beyond walking. Its so beautiful and peaceful.

Proof of my Lake District walking abilities.

Haweswater Reservoir

I am standing in front of Haweswater Reservoir in Cumbria. There used to be a town down there but it flooded often so someone finally made the executive decision to flood it permanently and turn it into a reservoir. You can supposedly see a steeple sticking out when the water level gets low.

My favorite motivational quote? There are way too many to count. I picked “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” I often think “…if I had only started this last year…” so this seems very appropriate for me.

Haircut! I got my hair two weekends ago, so I posted the final result.

There you have it. I have a, ummm, few more to go. I am going to actually have to get myself to the gym for some of these. I think that’s the point though… so here goes nothing.

Ready [Pac], Set, Go… it’s time to get #Fit&Fresh!

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