Feeding my addiction to Greek yogurt

Today marks the re-opening of the new and improved Chobani SoHo Greek yogurt bar. HALLELUJAH! I have been in withdrawal for far too long. The cafe closed in December to undergo a significant expansion of its SoHo footprint and menu.

Chobani first opened its cafe in July 2012 to show consumers just how versatile their yogurt can be, and to share the brands Mediterranean and Turkish influences to the world. Its original menu featured various yogurt creations made with its 0% or 2% Plain Greek yogurt, fresh fruits, superfoods and natural ingredients. My favorite options were their rotating seasonal creations, most especially the Pumpkin Custard creation of the Fall, or Manhattan-classic, Smoked Salmon + Dill.

From my first time at the cafe, I fell in love with the brand’s innovative style of bringing their product to the masses through their own foodservice model.

77AC873D-F062-4D81-89DA-E29EC65ED643In addition to being one of my favorite Manhattan lunch spots, Chobani SoHo became a great culinary influence to me. Their menu, which showcased the versatility of one item, challenged me to see what else in my fridge I could expand upon. Speaking of my fridge, a magnet with this Chobani Conversion chart has become one of the most useful items in my kitchen.

Since I can’t be there to celebrate Chobani SoHo in person today, I think it’s time for another slice of that Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Bread I made this weekend. With Chobani, of course…

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