Lifestyle Foods Revamps its Salad Line

ProductPhoto_SpinachSaladLifestyle Foods has revised its pre-packed salads with new dressings that contain less sodium, less fat and no syrup. They clock in at 230 calories or less.

The rollout begins with several of the most popular salad varieties: Caesar with Chicken, BLT, Cobb, Chef and Spinach. As part of the improvement, the Spinach Salad now comes paired with an organic raspberry lime dressing, providing a fruity complement to its blend of spinach, apple chips, raisins, feta and sliced almonds.

“We are always striving for cleaner ingredients whenever possible without making our offerings cost prohibitive,” says Lifestyle Foods founder Jason Bross. “We understand the importance of lowering our sodium content and we will continue to improve our nutrition without compromising the taste of our foods as we grow.”

With an emphasis on high-quality healthy ingredients, including only the freshest produce, Lifestyle Foods salads separate themselves from “budget” offerings by presenting a convenient premium alternative to other options on the market, say company officials. The salad line utilizes years of experience in innovative packaging alongside the company’s proprietary process which extends shelf-life while preserving food quality, resulting in products that stay fresher longer than many other available choices.

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