CMI Targets C-Stores with “Go-Go Fresh” Cherry Package

Go-Go Fresh ImageCMI is conducting a limited test of Go-Go Fresh cherries thorough the month of July in select markets and stores. The “Go-Go Fresh” is a mini cherry package designed specifically for grab-n-go convenience.

The traditional supermarket packaging for cherries of larger random weight bags is not conducive to convenience stores, say CMI officials; these small footprint stores typically require smaller fixed weight packages to be successful in a quick trip format.

“We have been consistently hearing from consumers and customers that they really want convenient, on-the-go snack products for smaller format stores,” says Katharine Grove, of CMI. “We developed Go-Go Fresh cherries to directly target the convenience store channel to appeal to consumers looking for healthy food choices.”

Go-Go Fresh cherries will be offered at two different price points – $1.99 for one bag or two bags for $3.00.

“Our convenience store test partners are eager to start the Go-Go Fresh program. They have been involved in the planning process, and are confident that it will be a great success,” says Steve Lutz, vice president of marketing at CMI. “Retail partners involved in this test were thrilled about the program knowing that it had been pre-tested in focus groups.”

Before creating the cherry snack pouch, the CMI marketing team drew feedback from a focus panel made up of consumers and retailers. This feedback was then utilized in the development of packaging style, art, colors and retail price points. Feedback on hot keywords demonstrated that ”GMO free,” “Low-calories” and “Fat-Free” were the buzzwords most likely to spur an impulse purchase.

Test results from 2014 will provide feedback on whether the new Go-Go Fresh cherry package will need to be modified and re-tooled before rolling out on a larger scale in 2015. “Store testing will provide incredibly valuable insights to support launching the program nationally next season,“ says Grove.

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