Fresh Fruit Cuts Introduces Sliced Pears

Pear_3oz_Bag-MOCKCapitalizing on the growing popularity of convenience driven fresh cut snack items, Fresh Fruit Cuts has expanded their value-added product line and will begin offering fresh cut pears in July, along with destemmed grapes and multi-pack snack bag medleys.

Kim Gaarde, president of Fresh Fruit Cuts, adapted some of the findings and processing techniques from stonefruit and applied it to other hard to cut items like pears. “The development and understanding of the challenges of processing stonefruit provided a great deal of insight into other items including pears, which have their own demands. We are now able to produce items that others are working on, but have not yet mastered based on our unique processing knowledge that focus on quality to insure optimum flavor,” Gaarde says.

The sliced pears will cater to the today’s convenience driven consumer and offer consistent flavor and quality appeal, portion control or multi-serving packaging. They will be available in 20-ounce trays, 14-ounce bags or 3-ounce individual bags; they have a 21-day shelf life.

The sliced pears will be available in retail stores staring in July coinciding with the new California season, and will have year round availability. Additional products available in the Woot Froot line include sliced peaches and nectarines, red destemmed grapes and a portion packed fruit medley that includes grapes, pears and apples.

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