Duda Farm Fresh Foods Ups Convenience in the Celery Category

school foodservice single serve celery stickDuda Farm Fresh Foods is reinventing celery.  At the PMA Foodservice Expo this year, the company will share how it is recreating this kitchen staple with convenience. “Let’s talk stalk,” says Susan Noritake, director of fresh cut sales.

Duda’s fresh-cut celery products are marketed under the Dandy brand and sold and served in retail and food service establishments throughout North America year round. Through years of extensive breeding, consumer and marketplace research Duda has the capability to grow celery in different regions of the country, without compromising the taste consumers enjoy. Because of the company’s continual investment in breeding superior celery seed varieties along with innovative processing technologies, Duda delivers the most flavorful, color hardy, disease resistant fresh-cut celery in the marketplace.

The school foodservice segment especially loves Dandy celery, Noritake said, because the single serve celery stick packs make it easy for school lunch programs to incorporate more vegetables into menus. The Dandy 1.6-ounce, 2.5-ounce and 3-ounce single serving celery stick packs are perfect for any school’s healthy meal or snack program.

Fresh citrus is another staple ingredient in restaurant kitchens everywhere. Duda Farm Fresh Foods has a large variety of citrus items available including lemons, oranges, grapefruit, Meyer lemons and Clementines.

On Saturday, July 26, at the Expo, sponsor chefs will demonstrate a dish in small groups at the buffets. Afterward, attendees will be encouraged to create a version from a deconstructed buffet. Chef Todd Fisher will be making Lemon Grass Steamed Chicken Bahn Mi Bun with Dandy Radish and Celery “Quickles.”

As part of the supply chain, Dandy delivers with in-house freight experts and a logistics team that doesn’t depend on the open truck market to cover delivered business.  In addition to its own small trucking fleet, the company has direct relationships with various trucking companies that have dedicated specific trucks to Duda for delivery.

“Our consistent truck supply means on-time deliveries and excellent customer service,” says Jeff Goodale, business development manager. “From across town to across the world, let our team take care of your logistics.”

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