Stemilt Celebrates Peak Season with “All Eyes on Apricots”

Apricot-Harvest-Mesa-Washington-BinCloseStemilt is making sure all eyes are on apricots in the next two weeks with the launch of a  promotion. The company’s “All Eyes on Apricots” promotion focuses on the flavors and jumbo sizes of Stemilt’s Washington-grown cots, while educating shoppers how eating apricots for vitamin A can help maintain good vision and overall eye health.

“Apricots are an excellent source of vitamin A, with 13% of the daily recommended value in just one apricot,” says Roger Pepperl, marketing director. “They also contain vitamins C, E, and carotenoids which protect the retina, the part of the eye with the sharpest vision. Our “All Eyes on Apricots” promotion is a great way to call attention to Stemilt apricots at your stores during their peak season and promote health, a topic that consumers care a lot about.” said Stemilt marketing director Roger Pepperl.

Stemilt is the leading apricot grower and shipper in Washington State. Currently, the company is harvesting its main apricot varieties, Rival and Perfection. This year’s fruit is jumbo-sized with great dessert flavors thanks to ideal growing conditions throughout the spring and early summer growing season.

“Apricots are a heritage item at Stemilt, and the quality of the 2014 crop is one of the finest we’ve seen in years,” says Pepperl. “They’re tree-ripened and come from great locales like Tri Cities and growers like the Douglas family, who have farmed fruit for four generations. Warm days produce apricots with balanced sugars and acids while cool nights give them their classic vibrant orange color and beautiful pink-red blush.”

Stemilt is packing the majority of its jumbo-sized apricots in panta packs, which makes for easy-to-build displays at retail. The company created an 11×7 POS sign for the “All Eyes on Apricots” promotion, which retailers can use to build bright displays and tout the eye health benefits apricots provide. Stemilt can also set-up display contests and demos to further create store excitement around apricots during this peak season.

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