AgroAmerica Launches One Banana Brand in the N.A. Market

AGR_ONE_Banana_Sticker_V1_082714AgroAmerica is introducing it latest venture to the North American and European markets: ONE. The Better Banana Company. One Banana will be available for major retailers across the United States, Canada and Europe beginning this November.

The One Banana brand is new, but AgroAmerica is a familiar presence in the American market. The company has sold its Guatemalan and Ecuadorian grown fruits in the United States and Europe for 40 years. Currently, AgroAmerica grown bananas account for 22 million boxes annually.

It is currently the only family-owned, vertically-integrated — from farm-to-store — banana company doing business in the U.S., say company officials. For the first time, the brand consumers see on their bananas will be the same company that farmed those bananas, transported them to retailers and marketed them to consumers, they add.

“Since our company’s founding we have been committed to producing top quality products, farming sustainably and fostering an environment that values workers’ welfare,” says Fernando Bolaños Valle, CEO of AgroAmerica.  “With the launch of ONE BANANA, we hope to offer North American and European consumers the first truly transparent, great-tasting, and socially conscious banana alternative. Today, it may be ONE BANANA, but ONE small change can make a difference tomorrow.”

One Banana also reflects AgroAmerica’s commitment to sustainable farming as well as the company’s uncompromising commitment to quality and its approach to processing and packaging, note officials; the brand is equally dedicated to environmental conservation as it is to improving the quality of life of all of its workers and communities. Among its many accolades, ONE BANANA is the only banana company in the World to receive all three of the following – Rain Forest Alliance Certification, Global G.A.P. Certification and BASC Certification.

In recent years, the Company’s banana production operations have achieved a 26% reduction in water usage, 66% reduction in plastic consumption and capture 33,000 MT of carbon dioxide annually. Further, all ONE BANANA farm workers are paid a living wage, have complete access to on-site medical services and their children are encouraged to attend company-funded schools.

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