Hussmann Freedom Line Narrow Footprint Reach-In

Hussmann introduces the Freedom Line Narrow Footprint Reach-In Case designed specifically to answer the needs of small format stores. Available for both low (model hussmanRFLNS) and medium temperature (model RFMNS) applications, the new narrow footprint case fits through a standard 80” tall x 36” wide doorway for fast loading and installation. The reach-in offers low energy costs, great merchandising opportunities and the flexibility of top-mounted or remote refrigeration, say company officials.

“Consumers on the go are turning to convenience, drug and dollar stores for their food shopping needs, and small format stores are sometimes challenged to find the space and flexibility to feature the key food items and healthy food choices shoppers want,” said Jeff Robertson, Hussmann marketing manager. “Hussmann’s new Freedom Line Narrow Footprint Reach-In is a perfect solution to help small format stores overcome their merchandising space challenges, as it provides notable energy savings vs hybrid and self-contained cases.”

The efficient design of the Freedom Line Narrow Footprint Reach-in, with Hussmann Innovator doors and EcoShine II LEDs, provides superior energy savings, officials add.  Hussmann medium temperature Freedom Line Narrow Footprint Reach-Ins can save up to 40% in energy costs compared to competitor cases. Also, the Hussmann low temperature Freedom Line Reach-Ins can provide an energy cost savings of up to 25% compared to competitive hybrid-style reach-ins.

With more display capacity than a typical self-contained model and a narrow footprint, the Freedom Line Reach-In is designed to allow retailers to increase product facings, while taking up less valuable floor space. Product visibility is enhanced with Hussmann Innovator doors and EcoShine II LED lighting, which creates dramatic visual impact with bright, uniform light distribution.

Besides its shorter, more compact profile, the Freedom Line Narrow Footprint Reach-In provides other features to simplify and speed up installation to keep remodels and new store openings on schedule. A condensate removal system with pump and condensate pan eliminates the need for drains. The case has pre-charged refrigeration lines, pre-piped to the top of the case with quick-connect, and threaded couplings for condensing unit installation, as well as pre-wired, and labeled electrical connections, all concealed behind a decorative façade. With no drain requirements, once installed the case can simply be plugged in to start operation.

The hybrid Freedom Line case offers refrigeration flexibility. Refrigeration options include either a field-installed top-mounted condensing unit or piping to a remote system.

“With easy installation and operation, energy efficiency and enhanced merchandising features, our narrow footprint Freedom Line Reach-In is designed to help small format stores succeed in perishable food sales,” said Robertson. “It’s just one more way we’re helping to enable excellence in food retailing.”

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