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In this Issue

A Refreshed Resolve

Shoppers and retailers alike will ring in the New Year with a fresh focus on health.

Dancing with Private Label

Record attendance and unprecedented innovation at the PLMA show provide store brands a strong lead into 2016.

Excelling in Excelsior

Kowalski’s Markets develops a unique prototype to service a small Twin Cities former resort town.

Fem care sales are on the rise

Supermarkets have room to grow their market share in the lucrative feminine hygiene category.

Finding Pharmacists

The right pharmacist can buoy a successful pharmacy department.

Food Forum: Demystifying Destratification

Retailers continue to search for more efficient, energy saving systems.

Food Forum: Dipping Into Digital

Grocers can integrate digital communication with the brick-and-mortar shopping experience to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Food Forum: On the Lamb

A consistent lamb program can help boost a retailer’s bottom line.

From the Publisher: Nice Guys Can Finish First

Recently retired Global Market Development Center official, Dave McConnell, helped build the organization into what it is today.

Good to the Last Drops

Innovations add some sparkle and fizz to the shelf-stable beverage category.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Success

The supermarket industry can learn some lessons from the marketing missteps impacting some of the biggest names in retailing.

Nonfoods Talk: Looking for Loyalty

Can grocers speed up the checkout process for their most valuable customers?

On the Lookout for Takeout

With a focus on using more efficient equipment, grocers have an opportunity to steal takeout market share from restaurants.

Putting Housewares in Order

Grocery retailers that pay attention to consumer trends can succeed in housewares.

Sales Review: deli entrées

Busy consumers continue to look toward the deli counter to fulfill their lunch and dinner needs.

Sales Review: potatoes

Russets remain king of the potatoes, but lesser-known varieties are growing in popularity.

Salute to Wellness

The seventh-annual Selling Wellness Trailblazer awards honor innovators in the wellness segment.

Smoking Out Tobacco

Understanding consumer preferences and partnering with reputable suppliers will help retailers capture tobacco sales.

Sounding Board: Droning On and On

For the retail world, are drones the wave off the future or simply flights of fancy?

Spotlight On: Cheyenne International

Cheyenne International competes with big tobacco by offering lower-priced alternatives that provide the quality adult consumers want.
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