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Gro­cery Head­quar­ters’ man­ag­ing edi­tor, Kim Zim­mer­mann has been with GHQ since Feb­ru­ary 2007. Her main respon­si­bil­i­ties include edit­ing as well as writ­ing fea­tures and news items about equip­ment and tech­nol­ogy. She has been in business-to-business pub­lish­ing for most of her 25-plus-year career, which spans pub­li­ca­tions and web­sites cov­er­ing retail, tech­nol­ogy and con­sumer goods. Kim is a New Jer­sey native and a grad­u­ate of Glass­boro State Col­lege (Rowan Uni­ver­sity), with a degree in communications/journalism.

What does $200 billion get you?

  Industry experts estimate that nearly $200 billion is spent annually on trade promotion activity. Grocers and suppliers have long struggled to develop collaborative … Continue reading

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Seasoned Workers

While in Florida over the Christmas break to visit my mom, I made several trips to Publix. There was not one worker in the store … Continue reading

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Check, please

Every Thursday, my mom would pick my sister and me up from school and we’d head to the Pathmark in Linden to do the … Continue reading

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Finding my way

There is a convenience store that I frequent simply because it is convenient, as the name implies, as I pass it on my way … Continue reading

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Why swipe?

When I tell people that I am a writer and editor for a magazine about the grocery industry, inevitably someone in the group pulls … Continue reading

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All on the same team

On a recent visit with executives at Ingersoll Rand—which includes Hussmann, Trane and Thermo King brands that are familiar to retailers—I was given a … Continue reading

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Try it again, you’ll like it

A friend of mine called the other night, as usual wanting to go out to dinner. He’s been living in his new home for … Continue reading

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Check the self checkout

I’ve never been a fan of self-checkout lanes. My feeling is that if you want my money, the least you can do is pay … Continue reading

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What’s your recall plan?

As Toyota owners have discovered, even one of the most reliable brands on the planet can falter.   Since supermarkets have so much invested … Continue reading

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Cherish your “friends”

There is a flurry of activity surrounding Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Seems like every time I go to my inbox, there … Continue reading

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Hot and cold

Keeping the store at the optimal temperature is a seemingly never-ending battle for grocers. Cus­tomers, lights and the motors powering the cases, ovens and … Continue reading

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Outsmarting the thieves

  Like the overwhelming majority of people, I was taught that stealing was wrong an early age—courtesy of mom, my teachers and the occasional … Continue reading

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Locking in loyalty

Like everyone else, I have a bunch of loyalty cards dangling on my keychain—Wegmans, ShopRite, A&P, PetSmart, etc. I’m basically loyal to whichever retailer … Continue reading

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Smooth operators

If a grocer’s merchandising display looks shabby or the cooking equipment breaks down so often that customers can’t always count on getting a chicken … Continue reading

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Prized ingredient

I’m from New Jersey—the Garden State—famous for its tomatoes. But to be honest, I had never been anywhere near a tomato field until I … Continue reading

Talking shop with… Jeff Yates

What is polished concrete flooring?Jeff Yates: Polished concrete is a mechanical grinding and polishing process that uses industrial diamonds, along with hardeners and sealers … Continue reading

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In the pipeline

McLane directs traffic with Retalix McLane Co., Inc., one of the world’s largest foodservice distributors and grocery wholesalers, will implement the Retalix Traffic Man­agement … Continue reading

Clicking instead of clipping

Customers are surf­ing the web for deals on just about everything, including finding a better deal on groceries. That, coupled with the fact that … Continue reading

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