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Waste Not, Want Not

It is no secret that for most of the U.S., bigger means better. Large portion sizes, all you can eat buffets and extra large … Continue reading

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GHQ Addresses Food Insecurity

We are just finishing up the March 2015 issue over here in the Grocery Headquarters offices. I am especially excited about this issue. The cover … Continue reading

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Have we found a Ways and a Means to ending hunger?

With hunger and food waste at the center of the plate of concerns driving the consumer-demanded food movement, it is exciting – in a let-your-breath-out with relief kind … Continue reading

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Industry Releases Analysis of U.S. Food Waste

Trade associations representing the nation’s food retailers, food manufacturers and restaurants launched a series of infographics that represent the key findings of a new … Continue reading

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Growing Grocery Shopper Concern Over Food Waste

Global demand for food has never been higher, as populations skyrocket and developing areas of the world strive to feed their citizens. But in … Continue reading

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Food Industry Alliance Publishes Toolkit for Reducing Food Waste

An alliance of food manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators announced the release of a toolkit to help businesses in the food sector reduce the … Continue reading

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Talking Shop with… Dr. Ronald Cotterman

Dr. Ronald Cotterman, vice president, sustainability for Sealed Air Corp., says new technologies and trends can further sustainability benefits to the supply chain. What … Continue reading

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Manufacturers, Retailers Benchmark Food Waste Metrics in Study

The food industry issued its first-ever analysis of food waste data collected directly from food manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. The study was conducted by … Continue reading

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Bulk is Green Council Launches Food Retailer Recruitment for National Bulk Foods Week

The Bulk is Green Council (BIG), a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing consumer, retailer and grocer awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of … Continue reading

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